Recent Camping Trips

A list of places recently camped:

Pegg Canyon, Eastern Washington
Lillooet Lake, British Columbia
Cinnamon at Duffey, British Columbia
Kingdom Lake, British Columbia
Hope Creek, British Columbia
Bridge River at Russell Creek, British Columbia

Pictures of some locations, flora/fauna coming soonish. Currently spending more time camping than computing.

The April-May Road Trip Album, 2008

Please enjoy photographs from the April-May 2008 Road Trip from Portland, Oregon to Montgomery, Texas and back. The trip down took us from Oregon into California and then down through Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and into Texas. The return trip included driving through Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Idaho, and back to Oregon (and then, eventually, Seattle again.)

There was both snow and sweltering heat along the way.

Water bottles froze overnight in the tent at the Grand Canyon.

West Texas is absolutely beautiful. The Davis Mountains are rather unbelievably cool.

Spent a wonderful time with my family in Montgomery.

Tasted of the sulphur springs of Oklahoma.

We lost the tent in the return trip, too, in a pre-tornado storm that swept through Kansas on the night of April 30th. Within 15 minutes of having the tent set up and staked down, Shawn would be laying on top of the shattered shelter to keep it from being whisked away entirely. We spent some time in the howling wind trying to decide how to move the tent to a better spot before finally aborting and heading for a motel. We would later discover that every pole in the tent was in bits, with major rips in the seams of the tent, as well as the guy lines still being in the ground where they where originally staked (along with the canvas tabs that used to be attached to the tent.) Ah well.

New Photo Album Available

I have posted a few photos from the Rockaway Beach trip in Oregon this spring. I was so lucky to have a few beloved members of my family join me there.

I may be a bit out of touch for the next several days. I embark upon a new adventure. And we shall see what comes of the work.


Life in San Cristobal de las Casas

After a shy two weeks in Mexico, I am feeling settled into something of a routine and feeling comfortable with my surroundings. I have rented a scooter to get around town, and I can get to several places without using the map. My spanish is improving daily. I'm drinking coffee again because it is darn good here.

(pauses for a sip. mmmmm. even slightly cold it is delicious.)

I've created a new photo album of pics from the area. Enjoy.

A back of the napkin, spontaneous poem from my first attempt of going out alone, all dolled up, on a Saturday night in San Cristobal:

Still, a loud bar is a lonely place
whether there are others here, or not.
I'll one two.
I'll three four.
I'll lead this music with my four on the floor.
I'll take you on
one eye behind my back.

I didn't have a great time. Although I was really impressed with the DJs early set, as it got further into the night it got more typical "discoteque" and less interesting to me. But, the dude was spinning vinyl and that rocked me. I haven't seen anyone spinning vinyl in awhile. Maybe vinyl is still cheaper in Mexico than setting up an all e-rig. Ho hum.

I love you,

No TXT Msgs Till Mid-Nov 2008

As of August 12, 2008 at 3pm Central Time, I will be in Mexico and en route to San Cristobal de las Casas. If you'd like to be in touch while I'm Mexico, please use my cell number to actually call me, and do not send me text messages.

Yes, this is total reversal of what I have told you about me and my phone. I am fully cognizant of the impact this will have on your psyche. Breathe deeply. Hold my hand.

Email is also be a fine option for contact. I expect to have internet access during this time.

You are permitted to utilize the contact form here on this website. You are welcome. Winking

Photo Albums Available

In the Images section of the website, there are 3 albums available for your perusal. The Thailand pictures are from fall 2007. Lake Washington is photographed in the summers of 2007 and 2008. The heart of beef was shot in Rockaway Beach in June 2008.

Impending Foray

I will be living in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico from August through November, 2008.
Primarily I will be finishing the long overdue music project, but have some other goals in mind as well.