Watch it in Motion

One of the most wonderful things about San Cristobal de las Casas is the amazing rainstorms we get here in the afternoons. One day, I set up my camera in a few different windows in the house to try to illustrate the power and majesty of the rain here. I hope you enjoy the movies.

Life in San Cristobal de las Casas

After a shy two weeks in Mexico, I am feeling settled into something of a routine and feeling comfortable with my surroundings. I have rented a scooter to get around town, and I can get to several places without using the map. My spanish is improving daily. I'm drinking coffee again because it is darn good here.

(pauses for a sip. mmmmm. even slightly cold it is delicious.)

I've created a new photo album of pics from the area. Enjoy.

A back of the napkin, spontaneous poem from my first attempt of going out alone, all dolled up, on a Saturday night in San Cristobal:

Still, a loud bar is a lonely place
whether there are others here, or not.
I'll one two.
I'll three four.
I'll lead this music with my four on the floor.
I'll take you on
one eye behind my back.

I didn't have a great time. Although I was really impressed with the DJs early set, as it got further into the night it got more typical "discoteque" and less interesting to me. But, the dude was spinning vinyl and that rocked me. I haven't seen anyone spinning vinyl in awhile. Maybe vinyl is still cheaper in Mexico than setting up an all e-rig. Ho hum.

I love you,